Tomato Sauce

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 80.00

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Our seasonal Tomato Sauce is slow cooked. It is traditional, buttery and saucy. It is really good with pasta and specifically spaghetti topped with a little parmesan cheese.

To prepare: all you need to do is defrost and eat. It could not be simpler. 

It is gluten free and has no fillers. The ingredient list is as follows: Tomatoes (Grown Organically in our Kitchen Garden); Onions (Grown Organically in our Kitchen Garden); Garlic; Black Pepper; Thyme; Origanum; Paprika; Brown Sugar, Salt, Butter and Olive Oil. 

It feeds our little family of four very comfortably, but we do stretch it out with pasta. I think I'm addicted. 

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