Side of Pork - Bannatyne's Cut

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 1,400.00

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This is a throw back right to the beginning when we used to only sell our animals in half carcass quantities. It would be a shame not to continue the tradition. This is proper nose to tail eating, not just the lip service you see in trendy cafes that don't serve any cheeks or hocks. The weight of half a carcass is about 20kgs. The Bannatyne's Cut comes packaged as follows:

2x packet of Neck Steaks (500g)
1x large whole shoulder (+-3kg)
2x packet Guanciale (Cured and smoked Jowl) (125g)
4x packet of loin and rib Chops (640g)
1x Belly Roast (1.2kg)
3x Rashers (350g)
1x leg roast (+-2kg)
4x packets of Leg Chops (600g)
2x Schnitzel (500g)
2x Stirfry (500g)
3x Packs of Pork Sausage (640g)
2x Packs of Pork Sosaties (500g)
2x Pack of Streaky Bacon (250g)
2x Back Bacon (250g)
1x Bacon Mince (250g)
2x Pack Pork Mince (500g)
1x pack of Smoked Hocks (Eisbein)


If the weights does not add up to 20kg we will either add or subtract items to get as close as possible to 20kgs, more than likely sosaties, schnitzel or mince.