Raw Honeycomb - Tub

St Martin's Village

R 86.00

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Raw Honeycomb robbed from hives kept by Thomas Beneke (www.facebook.com/thomas.beneke) in Northern KZN at Lüneburg and Newcastle. The hives are kept in small apiaries (no more than 5 hives) and not migrated or fed sugar. Although the bees use a wide variety of nectar and pollen sources the honey harvested mostly comes from eucalyptus/blue gum trees. 

Thomas offers honey in two forms: comb-honey and raw liquid honey. With comb-honey the honey is left in its most natural state. It is simply cut from the frame and placed in a container, leaving all its natural properties and goodness intact. The raw liquid honey is extracted from the comb by cutting it and letting the honey drain out through gravity. The honey is not mixed with air through high-speed radial extraction, it is not heated above room temperature nor is it filtered. It retains its flavour and goodness. Talk about the bees knees. 

Thomas is involved at St Martin's Village in Newcastle (see www.stmartinsvillage.co.za). The main focus of this community NGO is caring for abandoned babies, enabling them and integrating them in loving families through a registered place of safety home next to the Lutheran Church. R 10 of the purchasing price of each honey items goes towards funding the work of St Martin's Village.