Pulled Pork (Tomato & Herb)

Bannatyne's Little Farm

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Our pulled pork with tomato and herb is 8-10 hour slow cooked free range pork shoulder. The effort and the time is well worth the wait. We then take the dripping and make a stock which we add to a sweet rich tomato sauce. The results are a sweet, sticky, stringy, succulent deliciousness that simply have to try. They come in 3 different sizes: small  300g, medium 500g and large 700g. Remembering that it is just meat and sauce it does a lot of feeding, whether as a meat option on a med week convenience meal or on pulled pork rolls for an effortless weekend lunch. It is rich and goes really well with a crunchy slaw and absolutely loves fresh chili.

Cooking Instructions: Defrost, Heat thoroughly in a preheated over or decant into microwave safe container. Server

We have four different flavors: Pulled pork with gravy; with tomato and herb, yogurt garlic and chili; and apple and lemon.

Ingredients: Pulled pork; onions; tomato paste; paprika; smoked paprika; olive oil; garlic; salt; pepper; sugar; tomato puree; rosemary; thyme; cumin; fennel and apricot jam. 11

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