Bannatyne's Smoked Hocks

Bannatyne's Little Farm

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Smoked pork hocks or Eisbein are dry-cured and wood smoked. They are absolutely delicious, but take a little work. They need to be pre-boiled for about 2.5-3hours depending on the size. This is really important to breakdown the intaconnective tissue into it's sticky gelatinous awesomeness. I find it is best to make a proper feast out of them. I would cook one per person and serve it with mash and sauerkraut, lathered in german mustard. They are also great in soups, particularly pea and potato.  Or pre-cooked, shredded over a fresh summer salad. Try it with something sweat to counter the saltiness of the hock. Nectarines or yellow peaches are a winner.

If you are going to uses them for a terrine, try mixing through some chicken or fresh hocks to balance out the saltiness.

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