Bannatyne Pork Leg Roast

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 171.00

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The leg roast is probably the most common or traditional roasts of pork. It is a cut that when donemost, and tend to take it slowly to about 60 degrees C and then let it rest properly. You may want to take it a little further. The point is, once you know how you like it, use the thermometer to get it the same every time. It is also one of those dishes that compliment condiments really well. 

Crackling is really simple if you follow the following rules. The meat should be at room temperature and the skin should be patted dry. Score the skin, but try not to go too far past the actual membrane. You don't want all the fat rendering out. Into the crevice, rub in some salt and other flavouring. I'm an equal parts crushed fennel, chili flakes and coriander seed guy myself. The whole idea is to get the moisture in the skin to boil and pop out. The easiest way to do this is to put the roast into a piping hot oven. Some people like to activate the skin with a little oil. Turn the oven down once you can see the crackling starting to blister. 

Our leg roast has its bone in and is trimmed and tied for easy cooking and slicing.