Bannatyne's Lamb/Mutton Mince (+-400g)

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 66.00

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Bannatyne's Free Range Lamb/Mutton Mince

Lamb mince really should be more popular, but with the price of lamb being what it is, there is no wonder it is not offered more often. Taking out bones from product you would otherwise sell, really does push up the price. Having said all that, it is a great option. The flavour is full and strong, which allows you a little leeway if you need to stretch it a little further. If you don't need to, all the better.

Lamb mince is great with other strong flavoured herbs and spices - things like fresh coriander or rosemary. It does go well with origanum too. I think everything goes well with fresh chillies, lamb is no exception. if you need cooling down, try and pair it with natural yoghurt dip, laced with garlic.

If you haven't made koftas at home you really should give it a go. They are super simple and very tasty- plus your kids will love the meat play dough while mixing. Use a stainless steel skewer for the best and biggest results.