Bannatyne's Lamb Shank

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 100.00

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Lamb Shank or knuckle is one of the best lamb cuts available. It is perfect for slow braising and loves strong flavours. Because of the size of it, it seldom needs the really lengthy timings that a full beef shank can require. They are beautiful in a tomato based sauce. Simmered on the stove top or in the oven - low and slow - will yield excellent results. They are perfect for pre-preparing and love being cooked in advance and then reheated on the day.  Awesome with buttery mash or shredded over silky fresh pasta. Because of the deep intense stickiness from slow cooking it, marries well with something fresh to balance it out, either a crisp garden salad or zesty, pungent lemon & herb vinaigrette. Or like my gran would insist - mint sauce.