Bannatyne's Whole Chicken (Broiler)

Bannatyne's Little Farm

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With the huge demand for more ethical chicken, we have started rearing broliers according to Joel Salatin's broiler chicken tractor method. They are currently in the orchard below our house, but as we get more confident in keeping them safe we will duplicate the hocks and transfer them a little further from home. Basically, the premise is that you keep predators out and chickens in. We use hocks of 3x2 meter which are open at the bottom, we move the hocks daily and they have ample fresh water, food and fresh grass underfoot.

Our birds are whole and have never been brined and as such will need a little more time in the oven than your less-than-supermarket varieties. I'm not opposed to home brining as a form of tenderiser. I just don't want to be selling you a brine. I'm pretty sure you have water where you come from. A method I have used in the past that has worked well is just to defrost the bird over night in a salt water bath. It worked well and was not too much effort. If this is too much PT, simply cook them for a little longer than you are used to, whether you are braaing them or roasting them. In a curry you will never go back to store bought.

I have to warn you though, they taste like chicken, deep rich chickeny chicken. you know like chickens used to taste. 

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