Beef Ribeye Steak

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 104.00

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Bannatyne's Free Range Beef Ribeye Steak

Not a lot of people know that the ribeye steak comes from the forequarter of the animal. There are about 8 steaks in an average one of our forequarters and sometime we get 6 out of the first couple of hindquarter ribs depending on the split. It is an extension of the same muscle that we take our sirloin from on the hindquarter. They have a lot of intramuscular fat which greatly enhances the flavour and succulence making them tasty and tender. They are perfect on the braai or fried and they stand up really well to strong flavours. Also strong wines, in case you were wondering. They are a little more forgiving than rump because of the fat. Like all steaks they should be well rested before slicing or serving.