Bannatyne's Beef Mince (+-500g) - 80/20

Bannatyne's Little Farm

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Bannatyne's Free Range Beef Mince 80/20

Our beef mince comes in two varieties. We have a lean mince and a normal 80/20 mince. It all depends on what you are after. If you tend to add a little more tomato to your bolognaise sauce go for the higher fat content. It will go further without you compromising on taste. Flavour wise the fat really does a hell of a lot of the heavy lifting. Personally I believe that slow reared, pasture raised yellow fat is incomparable with hard white feedlot fat. That is not to say there is no place for lean mince. There definitely is. 

Speaking of bolognese or any mince based sauces, try a 50/50 pork to beef mince split. You will never go back. 

We have purposefully made our mid week staples really great value for money. Mostly because we want to be part of every meal in your house, not just the special ones. But also, we are able to balance a lot of our carcasses. Meaning that if we are able to push through more midweek, less glamourous products the more it will bring down the price of the rarer items. 

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