Bannatyne's Beef Rump Steak

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 77.00

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Our steaks are dry-aged from about 10 days to about 21 days depending on the timing of needing them and butchering them. They are absolutely delicious. In fact if we have in stock I would take advantage 'cause they sell out quickly. Rump only accounts for about 4% of the beef carcass, so what is an absolute gem can sometimes put us in a tricky position of trying to balance out the rest of the carcass. I think rump should be served rare and with a lot of effort to make it as special as it is. Rump should be celebrated. I am a massive fan of Chimichurri Sauce, but you would not find me turning my nose up at a simple burnt butter, thyme and garlic basting either.