Bannatyne's Burger Patties

Bannatyne's Little Farm

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Bannatyne's Free Range Burger Patties 

70% Beef; 30% Pork (100% Meat) - No Fillers; No Preservatives  

People often ask why we put pork in our burger patties. It really is a peculiar question for me. It contributes so much to the texture and juiciness holding capacity of the burger. A lot about a burger patty has to do with the physical process of how it is made. The texture changes if you roll them into a ball prior to pressing them. We don't roll them into a ball. The secret is to try and get the patty to sit together with doing as little to it as possible prior to pressing it. And when you do press it, use only enough force to get it into shape. It completely changes the feel of the burger. Doing thing by hand allows us to be this specific. I think you can taste it. 

They come in two different sizes. The first is 4x175g packs. These are the ones we prefer, they fit on real rolls. The other is a smaller variety of 4x120g packs, these fit on the smaller pre-pack rolls. Both are great and are the same process and product, just littler.

Our burgers are 100% meat, spiced with salt, black pepper, garlic, thyme, brown sugar, paprika, coriander and some rosemary from the garden. We have a thing called a patty party that you should also have a look at. 

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