Bannatyne's Chicken Wings - Chili & Garlic

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 70.00

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These are our Spicy Chili Chicken Wings. They come in the following flavours:

Plain & Spicy.

Spicy Chili- Wings:(Chicken Wings, Apple Cider Vinegar, Apricot Jam, Chili Flakes, Black Pepper, Salt, Fennel, Thyme, Fresh Thyme, All Gold Tomato Sauce, Garlic Powder, Lemon Juice, Black Mustard Seed.

With the huge demand for more ethical chicken, we have started rearing broliers according to Joel Salatin's broiler chicken tractor method. Basically, the premise is that you keep predators out and chickens in. We use hocks which are open at the bottom, we move the hocks daily and they have ample fresh water, food and fresh grass underfoot.