Bannatyne's Bacon Mince (+-250g)

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 45.00

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You read that right - Bacon Mince. They come in packets of 250g and are hand minced on a number 6 blade. They are full of salty, fatty goodness.  

The dry-cure pulls out moisture from the pork, so the mince in not a sloppy mess of injected, run-of-the-mill bacon. Ours are like tiny bacon bits, that either add a salty hit to other dishes or that crisp up into tiny nuggets of heaven. I would consider them a must for pizza toppings or in an omelette. Honestly, I think they have more uses than an apostrophe, in equal measures of right and wrong. 

They too are made from our free range pork, it's rarer than you'd think. 


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