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My wife and I run and free range integrated pig farm, including pasture reared sheep, cattle and chickens. On our little farm if you want to rear free range animals, and survive. It turns out you need to run a butchery, deli and distribution company too, all via an integrated online store. Which works out perfectly,  because as farmers there is very little to do to fill your time each day. Evidently we really wanted to run free range pigs. 

While we are still learning the ropes, we strive to deliver the best possible produce straight farm our farm directly to your door. You know, like the guys with huge marketing budgets pretend to do in supermarkets. 

Our aim is to forge a relationship with the people who we produce food for. We believe it is not only best for the animals being raised, but also best for the families being nourished by that food. 

We would love to deliver some delicious ethically reared proper food directly to your door. We love you and your family to join us on our journey.