Frequently asked questions:

Do you charge for delivery?

Yes, we do. We charge a nominal fee of R100 per delivery. If you live locally (Northern KZN) however we waive this fee according to your address.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver directly to your door, either your home or office. If you are very outlying we will communicate to see if there is a place we can meet. 

Is your meat delivered frozen?

Yes. It make the delivery and stock easier to manage. We freeze it straight after butchering. It also allows us not to use preservatives. We don't use any, barring a nitrate in some of the charcuterie (all info is listed on all products). We freeze it instead, like in the old days.

Is there a minimum order?

Nope, but we do charge R100 for delivery and would love for you to get good value for your purchase.

Why does your meat cost more than the supermarkets?

Simply, it doesn't. If you compare free range meat from us and free range from the super market we are considerably cheaper. It does a disservice to us and what we are trying to do to compare our products with that of mass produced feedlot and factory farmed meat. If you are on a tighter budget we offer really great prices on less popular cuts and bulk packs. Less popular is by no means inferior, sometimes even the opposite. It is normally the items that take a little longer to prepare and cook.

Can I split the delivery with friends to save money?

Please do. We would love you to. There are a couple of catches. It will have to be put through and processed as one order. In other words paid in full once. Just add a note to say how you would like it split.