About us

We bought a very small intensive piggery in 2012 and have subsequently converted it to a free range piggery, warts and all. We believe that if an animal is going to sacrifice its life for us, the least we would do is honour that animal by the way we rear them. Allow them to behave naturally. Being at the coal face of this obvious conflicting agenda, we believe that balance is the key to our sustainability. Some folks don't care, some choose not to look. In the end how animals are reared will affect everyone. We do what we do because we think that your relationship with the people who produce your food, greatly improve the quality of your food and the quality of the animals lives. We try to open up a window to how we do things. The way we do it is by no means the norm. 

We rear free range pasture reared beef, lamb and chickens. Our pork is our primary focus and they are free range with a supplemented forage crop. We try to rear all our animals in the most caring and ethical manner possible. We live in a day and age where most people want cheap food, abstracted as far as possible from their animal form. Our target market is not these people.

We are trying to establish a loyal customer base which can grow with us from our tiny naive origins to a proper authentic family-owned and run integrated pig farm. We are trying to recruit customers who are foodies, not food snobs. People who enjoy food, who enjoy the theatre and the relationships food creates and people who care about where their food comes from. People who take pride in knowing the farmer who produces their food. People who know the difference between farm eggs and supermarket eggs. 

We have realised that the 'big machine' is not too interested in free range products - don't get me wrong they love to claim things like farm fresh, natural etc. But understanding that things reared this way cost more is too difficult a task to overcome. As such we have had to open up to selling our produce ourselves.

Farming is a multifaceted job, adding processing and distribution to that and it is pretty tough. Forgive us as we learn the ropes. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated in this regard. 

We would love to invite you to travel this journey with us. 

Feel free to contact us: Info (at) Bannatynes.co.za   |   (082) 324 8678  |   Twitter: @BannatynesFarm   |   Instagram: BannatynesFarm   |   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BannatynesFarm