Bannatyne's Pork Shoulder Roast Whole

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 175.00

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The bone in whole shoulder roast is a thing of beauty. While great, if cooked like a normal roast, doing them low and slow for 6-8 hours for pulled pork is why they were invented. It is the roast that keeps on giving, perfect for large crowds or families that love leftovers. They are big and as such can be a little expensive, but wow they do last. 

I like to score the skin, paying particular attention not to go more than 1-2mm deep. If you are in doubt, rather leave it unscored. The fat needs to melt inside the roast. The bone will also help to keep the meat juicy. You know you have mastered jedi skills when you get a helmet of crackling protecting a pulled pork centre. Don't skimp on the timing. Put it in a piping hot oven, turn it down after about 15-20 minutes - once the crackling has popped.Then turn it right down and leave it for about 6-8 hours. The larger ones can go for even longer. I like to raise the shoulder off the base of the oven tray so that the edges don't get too deep fried and charred (code for burnt). I normally use half onions or apples as a pedestal.  

I know it sounds a little primitive, but serve it in the middle of the table with a pair of tongs. Open by shattering the crackling helmet and pulling out the stringy fatty goodness. With pickles and something crunchy like cabbage coleslaw you will battle to find a better crowd pleaser. The effort is all down to resisting the temptation to pull it out early.   


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