Bannatyne's Rack of Pork Ribs

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 60.00

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Whole rack of ribs are both the baby back and spare ribs in one slab. I know, what could be better, right?

Ribs are incredibly easy to cook and with a sticky glaze a family favourite. Your ribs are only as good as your glaze. While there are a million recipes, the basics are something sweet like apricot jam or honey; something sour like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar; something salty like soy sauce or simple salt and some aromatics like herbs. I like to add fennel, and whatever is fresh in the garden. I also think chillies are a must. 

Don't tell anyone I told you so, because I will deny it, but you can cook ribs from frozen. For a midweek or last minute meal you can pop them into the oven straight from the freezer. They are better defrosted, but not to the extent where I don't often pop them out of fear of ruining them. I like to pre cook my ribs till tender before adding the glaze. That way you are in no doubt of the glaze burning because of the high sugar content. Like most people, I like mine sticky and falling off the bone. A double or even triple glaze never goes unappreciated. Remember to leave a little glaze for once they are cooked and cut. That way you can toss them through it at the end.