Bannatyne's Pork Stir fry (+-500g)

Bannatyne's Little Farm

R 40.00

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Our stir fry is as you would expect it. Pork strips cut against the grain of the meat. Sometimes there can be a little liquid in the packet after freezing. I like to pat dry the strips before frying them on a high heat. That way you get a nice caramelised crust. 

Don't only use them in stir fry. You can batter and crumb them and use them in wraps. Things like Cornflakes or Provita biscuits crumbed, work really well for a mindless midday meal. I also like a seasoned Maizena and sesame seed crust. Crumbed strips are also great as a salad topping. They are lovely in spring rolls too. 

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