Reminder: Aug/Sept Delivery, Orders Close: 11th August

So about those glazed ribs. They need to be fresh ribs, not smoked and not cured. Proper porky ribby goodness. The way I like to do them is to start out baking them on a baking tray with only salt and pepper until they are properly cooked, about 40 minutes should do it. A glaze needs to have a minimum of honey or apricot jam, All Gold tomato sauce or half a can of whole plumb tomatoes stick blended with half a packet of soaked sundried tomatoes and Chili flakes (get fresh chili flakes, it makes the world of difference). On top of that, I like to add, Olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic, lemon juice to loosen the glaze, whole fennel seeds, chopped fresh marjoram, a tiny amount of soy sauce and a little of your garden thyme. Mix everything together, starting with the chunky jam or honey so that it mixes more easily. Then baste every 5 to 10 minutes until the glaze is thick, hot and sticky. You can turn the oven down quite low while you are basting, so that you don’t burn the sugars. I tend to baste the top twice as much as the bottom (inside the cavity of the ribs). I also try to leave some basting to dribble over the cut ribs just before serving. They should look a little like this:

Now on to the reason that I am bugging you this Friday afternoon. I wanted to remind you that orders close on this Monday (11th Aug). And also point out that half pork orders comes with fresh ribs amongst some other really delicious stuff. We would hate for you to miss out.

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