October Delivery (29th - 31th),

Hi Spring Chickens,

We will be making a delivery up to the Highveld at the end of October (29th - 31th), Please get your orders in before Monday the 14th Of October.

Hopefully, we will be delivering in KZN before then, but would like to group the orders to save a little time, so if you are keen please let us know by the 14th too.

If you are wondering how things work, check out http://bannatynes.co.za/Products - or give me a shout.

We will be offering free range grass fed beef for the first time this month,  If you order a half pig or half lamb you can add beef to your order. Just let us know how much mince or how many, Rump Steaks, T-Bone Steaks or Roasts you would like. It all works much the same way that the our free range chicken works. We also have a Bannatyne’s Beef pack, It will consist of: 4 x 500g mince, 4 x T-Bone steaks (Thick cut), 4 x Rump Steaks (Thick Cut); 2 x +- 3.5kg Roasts (on the bone). It will all be on a first come first serve basis. It will go for R75+VAT/Kg.

There have been some wonderful suggestions coming in, in particular that we should put a few of our recipes on our website. We have copped out up until now with links to other peoples recipes. So Mignon and I will each be putting up two separate recipes, we’d love to hear what you think. It might determine who does dishes duty… In addition to that, we will put up an easy step by step guide to the best crackling in the world. Ever. Ever, ever.

As usual please send this on to everyone who you think deserves better meat and to know where it comes from, spread the word and let us know how we can do things better. We try to keep in touch with how everyone is experiencing their product, but please let us know and don’t be shy, we love chatting about it.

Mooooooooving on… 

The Bannatynes