November Delivery

We will be making the rounds a little earlier this month and are planning a Highveld delivery on the 22 of November, Please get your orders in before Monday the 11th of November. I know this is a little short notice, my apologies.

We will also be up during the week of the 17th of December. We will be doing pork, lamb, beef and chicken for all deliveries. We will also be doing our homemade xmas ham for our December orders. Please let us know well in advance regarding the xmas hams as we will be bringing these up fresh. Because of the xmas ham you will also be able to add sausages (500g) and packs Bacon (250g), both streaky and back bacon to any order, sort of like an optional extra, just let us know when you email through your order. And let’s be honest if the whole ate bacon there would be world peace.

Give me a shout if you have any questions or something piqued your interest. We will always try to make a plan.

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