Delivery on the Highveld on the 27th of March

Hi  Bannatyne’s Believer  - strangely it worked for Justin Bieber.

We will  be popping up again to the Highveld on the 27th of March, which means orders close on the 17th of March. We will be delivering scrumptious outdoor pork, grassfed beef and lamb and free range chickens and would very much like for you to get in on the action.

Our focus on the farm at the moment is expanding our outdoor paddocks, finishing off the indoor/outdoor weaner pools and staying positive. We do so with blind optimism

About a week or so ago we were hit by a hail storm and it caught our entire mielie land. According to our insurers we had 8% damage. 10% damage or more would have resulted in a small payout. The coincidence of us just missing out has not escaped our curiosity or conspiracy theories. Time will tell if they were accurate in their assessment. Our pigs will definitely have something to say about it if we are forced to buy in maize. It has resulted in a great deal of introspection on the part of Mignon and myself. Ever the optimists, it has given us a renewed conviction not to fail at this, some say at great odds. In attempting not to, we have been trying to figure out a way to break through the threshold of order quantities, which would justify us coming up for deliveries.

I had this crazy thought… Why not just ask people what they want? How they want it and we will try our best to make a plan. Some people have comment on our order forms being a little confusing. Don’t let this stand in the way of getting in touch with us, like in the old days when everyone knew their farmer. How very retro?

We are a tiny farm and to be blatantly honest, the chances of us changing people’s minds about the quality of the produce that they are consuming is slimmer than the prospect of generator sales decreasing over the winter months. We are also not in the business of trashing the way other farmers farm. Big corporates – yes, hell YES, but family farmers have enough of a tough time without our opinions. In an ideal world we would love for people to enquire about where their meat comes from and how it is produced. It is great to see that more and more people are starting to do this. Consumers would be better off in the long run. It is also perhaps human nature not to ask. And even if you do, it’s a minefield of half-truths and misleading information - not to mention some of the horrors of mass production. The likelihood of you eating factory farmed pork is almost 100%. Unless you get it from us and a handful of other guys.

Apparently, according to numerous butchers, people don’t like beef with yellow fat. That can’t be true – surely! Yellow fat beef is better for you, tastes better and is better for the animal. Just not better for mass production. Try making  homemade burger patties out of fatty grass fed mince and do the same with fatty super market bought mince. Feel the fat on your hands afterwards, the yellow fat mince should be oily, like a moisturizer. The feedlot variety from your supermarket will be pasty and sticky. Pasty and sticky can’t be good for you. I know I am preaching to the converted, and without your support this ad-venture would have been dead in the water. We are truly grateful.

If you have any feedback we would love to hear from you. If you have not ordered yet, we would love to know why? We have been targeting Butchers and Restaurants and the overwhelming factor is price, they seem not to care too much about quality, which is great to know. The more great quality meat we can get people to try, the more questions there will about how to get your oily little hands on some.

Give us a shout.