Delivery on the 26th & 27th of June (Gauteng) KZN The following Week

Hi Sausage Suitors

If you are keen to have your delicious free range pork, grass fed lamb & beef or cheeky chickens delivered to you on the 26th & 27th of June  (Gauteng) KZN The following Week, please let us know what you would like by the Friday the 13th(Very ominous, we know, but hopefully memorable too).

We have updated our order forms as well as some of our prices. Hopefully this will make it easier to understand for First-Timers. If you also hate filling in forms, just pop us a mail with what you would like. Not being a huge corporate has its perks. Many of you have asked about our Lamb Rack of Loin and Prime Pork Loin Roasts, both are delicious and now available on the order forms. We also have a new smoked pork sausage, if  you are interested in that sort of thing, which you should be. On that note, we have moved away from all premix spices and cures. We have done so to reduce the use of preservative to the absolute bare minimum. We mix everything in-house and they don’t contain any preservatives or MSG, with the exception of our wet and dry cure which do contain a small amount of pink salt (which contains sodium nitrate). The fact that many butcheries and super markets mix preservatives into mince illustrates the difficulty in identifying what we are eating, if you have any queries or concerns we would love to answer these.

We had our first fire of the season yesterday and luckily it was not on our farm. Somehow our neighbour’s shed caught alight and with the gusting winds it spread very quickly across their farm. Nobody was seriously hurt, but the loss of feed, tractors and equipment was devastating. With all the dry windy weather around everyone is on high alert. One positive about the dry windy weather is that we are hoping to reap our maize before the end of the month, which should bring some huge relief. We’ll wait and see though.

As always, we would love to hear from you, good or bad.

As part of these mails we would like to try and include a recipe or flavour combination, sort of as a reward for your time. Today’s is a cooking tip. If you want to get the best out of your sausage, any sausage really, rub them in a little olive oil and cook then in an open roasting pan in the oven. Don’t overcook your sausage. The same goes for bacon. Either suspend it on a grid above something else you are cooking (Tomato sauce or mushrooms for breakie), that way the rendered fat drips into whatever is blow. If you are making a sauce then add the crispy bacon just before serving so that it remains crunchy. If your bacon has a rind, instead of cooking it lying flat, curl it around your thumb so that the rind faces toward the top in a conical type shape. This will allow it to form a crispy crackling. Apricot jam loosened with a little lemon juice drizzled over prior to cooking is a great glaze which counters the salty bacon perfectly.  

Below is some of that smoked sausage we were bragging about.