Delivery on 26th or 27th of Feb

Just a quick reminder that if you are interested in ordering, please could you let us know by Monday the 17th. Look at us trying to be more efficient 

With all the mention of bacon and pork, for some reason we end up in the spam box a lot. Completely irrational, as everyone knows there is no pork in spam, it must be an American thing. Please add us as a trusted sources if we are getting sent to the naughty corner. 

We’ve had a number of questions regarding the time between ordering and delivery and without getting to graphic, everything that you order is still enjoying the oblivion which comes with ethically reared farm life. We try to be as accommodating as possible, so if you have any special requests please let us know. Our aim is to try customize your orders to exactly what you like, so if you want something which you can’t get at your supermarket, perhaps like fresh ribs, please let us know. We will try our best to make a plan. Also if you have any questions about anything, give us a shout. 

Have a lekker weekend